Community Social Responsibility


As part of giving back to the community, we have initiated community social responsibility (CSR) program to reach out to the less priviledged in our community. With our growth, we have responded to the serious social and economic problems that face some families in the community within which we do business. It has been in action  for the past three years. We have supported various charitable causes in Nyeri District. Among them is the Belwop Childrens Home, Huruma Children's Home, Papela Childrens' Home in Kieni Constituency. We have responded to calls for donations from the Nyeri Municipal Council to contribute to the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund.

This fund is set up to assist the poor and disabled ersons in Nyeri Town. In 2008 Samrat Supermarket emerged as the highest contributor. The CSR programme has assisted more that 30 institutions and individuals . Samrat Supermaket has a deliberate policy of not publicising the amounts of cash or goods spent in the CSR programmes. In the coming years Samrat Supermarket will increase the amounts of funds set aside for the CSR programme so as to benefit more vunerable groups in our society